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7 tips on how to write a research paper under 12 hours

A research paper is a long hectic process and many students feel stressed when they have to write a research paper. Even the mentioning of its name makes them feel overburdened. But what if you are stuck in a situation in which you have just 12 hours left to write a whole research paper! It seems impossible to do, right? But with determination, any hurdle can be cross.

Here are 7 tips that might help you in completing your research paper within 12 hours:

1. Start right away and do not procrastinate

What was the reason that you are left with only 12 hours to complete a whole research paper? It could be some genuine more important engagement. But in most cases, the cause is procrastination.

In order to now complete your task within a strict deadline, you must not repeat your previous mistake. Settle down on your study table and begin with your work right away. Do not waste any more time at all. And keep in mind that once you start, there’s no going back. You have to complete the task and only then you can let yourself be free.

If you feel like your research paper is a little too detailed to be cover by you alone in a short time then right away seek online help. Students around the world seek cheap essay writing service asking them to do my essay Canada or any other country-based. Such academic services can complete your task within strict deadlines.

2. Make a timetable

When you are left with a little time, you have to utilize it most productively. The best way to get the most out of a limited time is by making a timetable.

Although 12 hours seem like a little too less time to let anyone think that they need a timetable. But you definitely do need one! This is because by forming a timetable you’ll be assigning each task a specific deadline. You would not spend too much time on any one aspect. Remember, you can only perform well now if you will first focus on time management.

3. Assign 6 hours to the research, brainstorming, and outline for the draft

If you have already done the research work then you’re good to start writing. But most probably you have not done anything and that’s why you are consulting this post. Well, the best tip that you must adhere to do my essay Canada is that you need to dedicate proper attention to the research work.

There must be a lot of stress and you may be tempted into writing right away. But doing this would only result in a groundless, haphazardly managed research paper. Hence, you must assign sufficient time to research, brainstorm ideas, and formation of an outline about how and in what order you will present your ideas in the research paper.

4. First do a preliminary research

Research work is a long process and doing this within 12 hours could be quite tricky. The best technique to make it through it is by first doing preliminary research.

Just go to Google Scholar or JSTOR and see which articles are relevant to your topic. Skim through their thesis statements quickly and note down their names for later use. Do not spend too much time on this, since this step is only to help you make a roadmap to your research paper

5. Then collect all the resources

Maximum knowledge is always required when it comes to good academic writing. You cannot write a research paper without making use of secondary resources.

All the articles that you had noted down in the preliminary research, now it is the time to utilize them. Since you have little time, you must quickly skim through them and underline or highlight any important or relevant point. Compile all these points together. Make sure you have consulted and collected as many resources as your supervisor had guided you.

6. Now write quickly

Once all the data is collected and now present in front of you, it would not be difficult to begin with it. The outline that you created earlier would help you quickly add all the points in a well-organized manner. Remember, you have to cover the whole outline, so do not spend too much time on any one point. Move your fingers fast and complete the word count quickly.

7. Dedicate the last hour to citations, editing, and proofreading

This step could make or break your research work. After doing so much hard work, you surely don’t want it to go to waste.

Hence, make sure that you provide proper citations for all the secondary resources that you incorporated in your work. A citation is an acknowledgment that one document receives from another (Smith, 1981).

Then read the research paper and see whether you have followed the correct assigned format or not? Make amendments wherever they are need.

Finally, proofread your work to eliminate any grammatical or other sentence structure mistakes. You can take help from academic services too, which might perform the task of editing and proofreading in very little time.

Final Statement

Follow all the above-mentioned tips and surely you’ll be able to perform much better in such a short time too.

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