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Family and Relationship

7 Keys to a Happy and United Family

When you think of a happy family, Super Mom, what comes to mind? Maybe it means spending time together, or having fun, or eating as a family. Or, maybe all of the above! Whatever your definition, our specialist Estephany Meléndez, a clinical psychologist of children and adolescents, brings us seven (7) keys for your family to be united.

Families today come in all shapes and sizes. There is not one the same as the other, and definitely, there is no perfect family. There are good enough to ensure that its members feel satisfied and happy within it.

When a family is happy and united, what happens within it works for everyone, not just for some of its members. That is, each of its members feels that they are loved, valued, recognized, and appreciated by others. This family dynamic allows everyone to make decisions, explore the world, and have enough tools to handle everyday situations.

There is no perfect formula (or infallible!) to achieve this dynamic, so I share with you seven (7) keys that can help you develop a happy and united family:

1. Talk!

It is important to establish spaces where the whole family has the freedom to express their opinions, thoughts and feelings with respect, without feeling judged or criticized. This helps its members feel that they have a safe and stable support network, which improves the self-esteem of children and adults. In addition, it teaches healthy communication strategies . Listen carefully and respect each other’s time and space – behind our words and actions there are a thousand and one feelings that want to be considered. Eat together and share!

2. Empower!

For each member of the family to flourish, it is necessary to receive the support of the others, and affirm that they are important and capable of reaching their goals or beyond them. Become the cheerleaders of your people’s dreams! Encourage effort, courage, and responsibility, do not stay superficial.

3. Let’s get to work!

Being part of a family means that each person within it has responsibilities. Both children and adults must contribute their grain of sand to home care. Having clarity in each of the tasks that must be attended to will reduce anger and increase the time for each one to carry out their activities.

4. Embrace your differences!

Just as families are different from one another, people are too. Don’t expect everyone to do or like the same things; that they learn at the same pace or that they are in a teen relationship. Embrace and support different talents, hobbies, and personalities. Each person within the family needs to know that they belong, that they are a vital member of it, no matter how different they are.

5. CLEAR limits!

Parents are parents and children are children. For this reason, we recommend moving away from the famous “I am a friend of my children”. This causes confusion when correcting and guiding. Giving affection, openness, flexibility, trust, and support does not mean that the reality of the roles that each person fulfills within the family dynamics is lost. Clear and healthy boundaries also ensure that your members are safe and know how far they can go, without curtailing their autonomy. Do not be afraid to establish them and be constant when applying them!

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6. Apologize!

It’s virtually impossible not to make mistakes on the difficult (and beautiful!) path of parenthood. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and apologize, take this opportunity to show how it should be done. Don’t let them pass, don’t be ashamed! This is more valuable than the perfect image that you sometimes want to give.

8. Love, love, and love!

The power of a hug, a word of encouragement, a little message hidden in lunch boxes, drawers or suitcases with a written “I love you” or a positive phrase, is worth more than all the gold in the world. Do that dynamic with all family members! Accept the challenge of leaving each other messages of support and love, I assure you that your days will be brighter with that surprise.

These 7 keys can be very powerful, even though each family environment has different experiences and personalities. By applying them according to their own realities, an environment of trust can be created where children can openly ask questions that are probably considered difficult and thus, not look for answers on the “street”. This will give them an incredible share of peace of mind and help them have a happy and united family.

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