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Computers and Technology

7 Key Benefits of Building a Progressive Web Application for Your Business

If we talk about the total mobile phone user, we have 5.22 billion mobile phone users and 4.66 billion internet users. 

Users around the globe are using different types of apps, and thus the demand for mobile apps is rapidly increasing. 

But users prefer using web apps, and thus the demand for progressive web apps is increasing among businesses and users. 

Being a business leader, you might be thinking of developing a progressive web app but wait. 

Before you proceed further with progressive web app developers, you should know about the key benefits of PWAs. 

In this post, we will be discussing the key benefits of developing a progressive web app for your business.

Progressive Web Application Benefits You Can Avail In 2022

1) Quick & Easy Installation

When we talk about the progressive web app, these are quick and easy to install. Like another app, you don’t have to visit Play Store or App Store. 

You can simply paste the URL on the web browsers, and your app will run. 

2) Native App-Like Experience

The best thing about the progressive web app is that it provides a native app-like experience to the users. 

The app layout, the icons, menus, template, and interactive UI/UX design. All these things can be integrated with PWAs and give the app a native app-like experience. 

3) Performance Booster

As progressive web apps are developed using basic programming language, it becomes lightweight and faster. Apart from this, the app can be run without installing it on the device. 

Thus, most progressive web apps are lighter and faster and are a performance booster. 

4) Enhanced Security

In today’s digital era, no users are going to use your app unless the app is safe and secure. You need to protect the data of your users by providing enhanced security. 

While availing of progressive web app development services, you can integrate HTTPS and SSL to secure your web app. You can also save your app from data theft and cyberattack. 

5) Lower Development Cost

With a progressive web app, you can develop an app for multiple platforms with the same code. 

This gives Progressive Web Application developers and business owners to save their time and app development costs. Thus, while developing a progressive web app, there is a low development cost. 

6) Access Offline

With most of the apps, we see that the app can be accessed online, but PWAs have different conditions. 

With the help of a built-in service worker, the data get cached and saved. As a result, through these web apps, you can access data offline. 

7) Device Friendly

In simple terms, progressive web apps are cross-platform app. It means that the app can be run on any platform. 

Most businesses are going with a cross-platform app these days. This helps them to save development time and money. 


Progressive web apps are the future of the app market. Most businesses are coming online and developing PWAs for their business.

In the upcoming days, PWA is going to boom. In this scenario, if you are planning to develop an app, you can connect with the PWA development company and get your app developed.

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Steven Martin

Steven Martin is a senior app developer at AppsChopper, who is not only passionate about coding, but also likes to share his knowledge via writing unique content. He is dedicated towards his work, and stays updated with all the latest technologies trending in the market. 

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