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5 Tips for a New Surfboard Enthusiast

Whether this is your first time getting out on the water on a board or you’re transitioning from paddle boards to a surfboard, surfing is a whole new world that you get to explore and grow in. As a beginner, you might feel lost or unsure, but thankfully, the surfboard community is incredibly supportive, engaging, and motivating. Wherever you look, you’ll find surfers who spent their first summer falling off their board repeatedly, yet they are back on their board and surfing better than ever. Here are five tips that can help you find your way, just like they did.

Start Where You Feel Comfortable

This advice is true of any hobby but especially true in surfing. You want your first experiences to be comfortable and accessible. Starting on a shortboard and trying to hit the biggest waves on the beach can sap your confidence if you wipe out. Instead, start in a more forgiving environment. If you are more familiar with paddle boards, you can grab your SUP paddle and surf some waves on your paddle board. This can help you get the feel of the breaking water and find your balance as you move across the waves. If you are entirely new to the sport, you can practice some basic movements on land.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

A surfing instructor can be helpful in several ways. They can teach you the technical aspects of the sport, from popping up and paddling to dropping in. It’s important to have a teacher help you learn these skills because if you do it yourself, you might be doing them wrong and never even know it. On the flip side, you also need a mentor who can help instill confidence and keep you motivated. Whether your teacher is an actual surfing instructor or just a family member who has been surfing their entire life, they can help you get back up on the board every time with just the right words.

Find the Perfect Spot

As a beginner, you don’t want to be waiting for the perfect wave in the crowds at Huntington Beach. You want to get up on your board as much as possible. Look for more secluded beaches known for a calm, steady stream of waves. That way, you’ll be able to have plenty of practice on your surfboard. Beginner-friendly waters can give you the experience and confidence necessary for when you want to step up a level to more intense surfing experiences.

Get a Surfboard You Love

The bond between a surfer and their board is a unique relationship. A surfboard needs the right design and materials to support its rider on every wave they ride. That’s why a beginner should find a board that can help them find their balance. If you’re just starting, a soft-top board can provide a stable, easy-to-use experience that helps you learn the ropes. Also, a longer board offers a user-friendly platform that can help you get out on the water before graduating to a shortboard.

Fall Off 6 Times, Get Back Up 7 Times

Finally, this is a lesson every surfer needs to take to heart. Early in the learning process, you are going to fall. You’re going to fall a lot. That’s why it’s so important to get up every time. So long as you get up one more time than you fall, you will never stop getting better. Surfing is such a rewarding skill to learn. The first time you ride that perfect wave, you’ll never want to go back. All those falls will be worth it.

About Boardworks

This summer, take your waterway adventures to the next level with Boardworks. They have been helping the stand up paddle (SUP) and surfboard communities get out on the water since the ‘90s. With over two decades of experience, they know what it takes to have a blast on the water. Whether you’re riding waves or exploring a mountain lake, Boardworks has the surfboard, SUP board, or SUP paddle to meet your needs. Their high-quality materials and creative designs help you feel comfortable and confident on the water. Cutting-edge boards from Boardworks are the best way for you to level up your summertime fun. Check out their whole selection and find your favorite today.

Get a surfboard and start your surfing journey at https://boardworkssurf.com/

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