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5 Strategies to Improve Core Web Vitals


There are many ways to improve your website’s performance, from changing the order in which content loads to removing render-blocking resources. These steps can help your website rank better on search engines. You can also modify your CSS and remove any unused elements. These tips will help your website run faster and stay on top of the rankings. They will also increase the amount of traffic your website receives. If your website is not performing well, you should consider upgrading your Core Web Vitals.

Changing the order in which content loads

A key ranking signal is to change the order that your website’s contents load in Core Web Vitals. Google places the user experience at the top of its priorities. Google’s goal is to give the user the best experience possible. By putting content in a logical order, you can help your site rank higher. And this is an easy way to make your content load faster.

FID (First Input Delay) is a metric that measures the time between user interaction and page action. Your site score should not exceed 100 milliseconds. If it is, you need to improve your website. Core Web Vitals allows you to change the order of your content, which will increase the score and the time required for a task.

Eliminating render-blocking resources

If you’re a web developer, you’re probably familiar with the issue of rendering-blocking resources. These resources slow down the rendering process on your website, which can negatively impact your Core Web Vitals score. In fact, it can even affect your page’s Google page insights score! Fonts and HTML are also common causes of the rendering-blocking resource. This issue can be resolved by removing these resources.

PageSpeed Insights can be used to test your site. In this tool, you enter the URL of your site, which will analyze the data. Chrome Dev Tools is another option. You can locate the Coverage tab in the Inspect menu. Inspect the page in Chrome to see if any of the files are rendering-blocking. You will see if any JavaScript files or CSS files are causing problems.

Minifying and removing unused CSS

Minifying and removing unused CSS is one of the fastest ways to improve your site’s performance. Although this isn’t directly connected to the Core Web Vitals it will help make your website appear quicker. CSS modification is a must-have if you want your website to rank well. Once you have finished modifying your CSS, you can check your site to make sure everything is working properly.

Using the Chrome Dev Tools, you can determine which CSS files are the largest. You can also view which third-party code, plugins, or themes are causing the biggest CSS files. You can remove these unused CSS files with the help of a free tool or a paid one. The free version of the software will require an email address and the paid version will remove the unused CSS automatically.

Avoiding dynamically sized content

Core Web Vitals now require that your main content load as quickly as possible. This includes visual stability and interactivity readiness. Google will combine these metrics with other signals, such as mobile friendliness, the absence of intrusive pop-ups, and HTTPS security. These metrics will help you stay ahead of your competitors. It is important to keep in mind that these changes may take time. Developers should prepare for this change.

Avoid using mobile-friendly dynamically-sized content to enhance your site’s Core Web Vitals. This is because the viewport, which is the area of your web page that the user sees, is constantly changing and you need to make sure it loads as quickly as possible. You should use CSS and install a CDN (or caching plugin). These technologies will help you improve your Core Web Vitals score.

Google unveiled Core Web Vitals, a ranking element implemented in 2020. Core Web Vitals are the necessary elements for your website’s overall functionality. These vitals determine the user experience of your website, and Google looks for three primary factors: page loading speed, interactivity or responsiveness, and visual stability.

Core Web Vitals are crucial for the growth of your website with the help of the best SEO agency in the Philippines since, even if your page’s content is strong, every aspect of your website must be supported to ensure a better search engine ranking. User experience is also a consideration when it comes to Core Web Vitals; thus, the usability of your website is crucial. 

The largest contentful paint is the largest page, article, or picture you own. The LCP is closely connected to page load speed since it gauges the loading time of your website’s greatest content. Your LCP should generally load in less than or equal to two seconds.

How can your LCP be improved? You might begin by deleting unnecessary third-party scripts and upgrading your web host to decrease your website’s loading time. You may also utilize “lazy loading” to increase your website’s loading speed by delaying loading pictures until visitors scroll down the page; the best SEO services company in the Philippines could help you to make this possible. 

Your website’s responsiveness and interactivity are crucial; this is where initial input delay comes into play. FID or first input delay is all about having a good user experience in terms of reaction time since it counts the time it takes for your website to reply to the clicks of your viewers.

Moreover, cumulative layout shift assesses the stability of each website element. Good websites have stable pages even while loading from one page to the next; your CLS is what ensures that functionalities do not move while the page is loading and prevents visitors from pressing the wrong button. 

Below is an infographic from Digital Marketing Philippines, discussing further the five strategies to improve core web vitals.

Core Web Vitals


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