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5 Mistakes People Do While Mounting TV in Their Apartment

TV Mounting has become popular due to the ease of mounting your TV. It helps get the right angle whether you are sitting on the couch or lying on the bed. In short, it brings many benefits for the users and requires very less space in the bedroom. I have tried the TV Mounting Service In Las Vegas and it’s fabulous.

Usually, a TV mount comes with a detailed instructional manual to mount it in the right way. However, it is observed that people still make some common mistakes while mounting it. They follow the right procedure in the wrong way and end up with some critical problems. It might be possible that the TV may fall on the floor or such terrible stories.

Don’t worry! We will highlight 5 common mistakes people make while mounting a TV in their apartment. If you are a DIYer or a beginner, read this complete guide to prevent any risks. Let’s begin!

1. Accurate Location

The first and most important step is to consider the location while installing the TV mount. If you don’t select the right location, you will end up with poor results. You must check the sunlight exposure, viewing angle, and ease of connectivity while selecting the location. Don’t forget that the location should be nearer to the power outlet. Otherwise, the wires will create a mess. Hanging cables brings a bad impact on interior design and can be an eyesore. Therefore, always select the mounting location wisely.

2. Don’t Hang On Drywall

What if you hang it wrong and end up with broken TV? If you want to eliminate such things, it’s recommended not to hang the TV on drywall. Check the wall properly whether it is okay to drill and will be able to screw properly. After inspection, you are ready to hang it without any issues.

3. Install The Mounting Behind The TV

Next, it’s always better to install the supplies behind your TV before mounting. It will make the drilling process convenient. If the wall is dry, it will not certainly lift the heavy weight of the TV. The reason is that the screws are located at different locations and you will not be able to screw them properly.

Also, choose the right bracket carefully and it will make the overall procedure a piece of cake. For that, always read the instruction manual to carefully screw everything. If you want to attach the Xbox together, check out the attachment first.

4. Prevent Sun Exposure

If your bedroom has a window, always check the sunlight exposure. Maybe you set the height of the TV but the sunlight falls directly on the screen. Definitely, you would not be able to watch the TV correctly.

There are two ways to prevent sunlight exposure to the TV. You have to analyze that the location of the TV should not make the direct angle towards the screen. Otherwise, buy a full-motion TV mount to rotate it easily.

5. Consider Other Things

Definitely, you need to power up and attach other devices with the TV such as a media player, gaming console, smart home assistant, and so on. Therefore, make sure you have kept the space for them. Ensure that the cables and other stuff are hidden as much as possible. Also, the cables and connectors should not block the area of the mounting wall or create any mess.


In conclusion, TV and mounting require a good amount. Therefore, hanging it correctly should be your top priority. Tips and tricks always help you get rid of common mistakes to prevent any big problem. We have shared the 5 most common mistakes to avoid while mounting your TV. We hope you will find this guide helpful in the future.

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