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Home Improvement

5 Basic Tips to Fence Painting in Melbourne

Fence painting is a joyride for some while an absolute nightmare for others. It’s a dream for every homeowner to have a beautifully painted fence. However, in many cases, what we fantasise may turn out to be starkly different from what we create.

So what makes the difference?

The difference is the right information and tools. When you know the efficient ways to do something, the work gets easier.

Homeowners have a plethora of questions when it comes to fence painting because the outlook of their humble homes rides on it. Here are the 5 best tips for homeowners that dream about fence painting in Melbourne homes beautifully.

1. The right way to do fence painting

Painting a fence is not a herculean task when you know the correct methods. Getting professional help is one way to go about it, as nothing beats expertise. Because they know what they are doing, experts finish the work quickly and with much finesse. If you decide to hire expert house painters or wallpaper installers in Melbourne, ensure that you convey your vision properly.

However, if you choose to paint your fence by yourself, be sure to follow the direction of the wood grain as this allows you to cover a larger surface area quicker, resulting in a smoother finish.

2. Prep before fence painting

Before directly jumping to the painting part, make sure you prep your fence correctly. This helps in the smooth application of the paint and saves your effort.

What does the prep include?

  • First and foremost, pick a sunny day, probably during summer. The high temperatures will help in drying the paint faster.
  • Then, use sanding paper to remove any remaining debris, old paint, or dirt from your fence. It will result in a smooth finish when you apply the fresh coat. You may even consider purchasing/renting a power sander to expedite the process.
  • If your fence needs repairs or wood replacement, get them done before painting. This way, you won’t have to revisit the fence painting job any sooner than necessary.
  • Finally, apply a coat of primer after preparing your fence for painting. A primer prevents mould from growing on the fence and works as an adhesive for the paint. It also serves as a smooth basis and helps to bring out the colour of the top coat.

3. What lasts longer? Fence Painting vs Staining

While each has its merits, paint is more durable.

The durability of your fence’s stain or paint will vary depending on the type and condition of the wood, as well as temperature fluctuations. Some timber, such as cedar, is naturally waterproof and does not decay. This material works well with stains.

To further clarify, paint is applied on top of the fence and so covers it, whereas stain penetrates the wood and colours it. Paint will peel and break over time, whereas fence stain will fade.

4. Re-painting Colorbond Fence

Many homeowners go for the Colorbond fence. Colorbond fence is a popular kind of pre-painted steel fencing in Australia due to its strength and longevity. Although it’s pre-painted, some contemplate repainting.

If you are also wondering whether you can do that, the answer is ‘you can.’ However, it’s not a simple task. It requires professional tools such as a spray gun and quality paint. So, to avoid unnecessary mess, it is better to go for professional house painters in Melbourne.

This is recommended as respraying the Colorbond fence requires excellent skill and precision.

5. Choosing the right fence colour

The colour of your fence is important as it can influence the whole vibe of your home. It may highlight your garden and furniture or make it look clumsy. For this reason, it is necessary to pick the right colour.

You may choose the colour of your fence based on a few things, such as the backyard’s size, the number of outdoor plants, the style of furniture, or your house’s design. In one line, it should complement the surroundings.

For instance, for a tiny yard, white or light grey will help to create a sense of space. For greater spaces, a dark colour will appear more modern.

There you go.

Final Say:

Keeping these tips in mind will bring a whole new level of transformation to your yard. Fencing can be an awfully expensive affair, so it is often advised to go for expert assistance. Of course, there are many house painters in Melbourne that do commendable work and it is important to find the right one for your home. Because everyone has a style of their own.

Do you need fence painting in Melbourne? Get in touch with us, Blue Sky Coatings!

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