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11 Jeans to Spruce Up the Yellowstone Season 2 John Dutton Green Jacket!

Many ideas strike us when we think about style. After that, what actually is the real style? There is no such thing as real style. Moreover, it is only what style you make out of a piece of clothing. Certain color images appear in my mind when I think about jackets. For instance, what color would perfectly match all my other colors? What could go with blue or green and so much more? I, however, try to find answers to these questions in my wardrobe. Once we start running in the fashion game, we can never stop.

Firstly, the world is equipped with the latest fashion trends each day. Moreover, there is a gargantuan amount of clothes available everywhere. In addition, the most perplexing task is to choose one. Jackets can never be complete without the addition of pants. In other words, are many ways a John Dutton Green Jacket can be styled up with countless pants. In conclusion, I am going to discuss four types of pants that go hand in hand with the Dutton green jacket. The green color is a tricky one but not impossible to pair with. 

Yellowstone Series

I believe that the archaic style was tremendously popular because of a reason. They had a dramatic range of colors and noticeable hair and makeup. Yellowstone season has been well received by many. Its main protagonist Kevin Costner, who is an Emmy and Oscar winner actor, amazed everybody with his performance in Yellowstone. It contains a storyline of old-fashioned ranchers. Kevin, the patriarchal head of the family, deals with turmoil in life in his own way. Inclusion of tribunal fights. An epic drama of a small family who owns the largest land in the area.

On the contrary, Yellowstone is also the name of one of the biggest megafauna parks in America. Wildlife like bears and wolves roam there freely. Politics and violence is the main theme of the season. However, let’s not forget to talk about the crazy head-turning styles the actor had during the shoots of the season. Kevin Costner’s jacket got prominent after the success of the season. Let’s try distinctive ways to fashion jackets with pants.

Bell-bottom Pants

Want to think of pants that can be worn on a daily basis. Well, bell-bottom is one of the most reliable and desirable pants of the last century. Originally designed for the sailors, it was well-received among the general public. I can’t say no to vintage fashion. I believe if these pants are paired with The Yellowstone jacket, the style will be raised a bar higher. The jacket can be styled with light blue bell-bottom pants. Want to appear taller and slimmer? Bell bottom jeans are the correct answer for you.

Wrangler Jeans

The epitome of elegance is the cowboy pants, or wrangler pants as it is normally called. Wrangler pants are the ultimate western jeans. Now the question arises for Yellowstone fanatics to what extent they can imitate the look? Or are they chasing to be exactly like Kevin Costner? In that manner, the western style demands wrangler jeans be paired up with a cotton jacket. Only this look will demonstrate a true feeling of a real rancher. Also comfortable for horse riding.  

Boot-cut Pants

Let me suggest another way of styling the jacket with pants. Boot cut pants have the longest history of any jeans. Trousers that were typically used by sailors in the 18th century were the main influence for boot-cut pants. Wearing boots was made effortless with bootcut pants due to their distinctive shape. Be it pure jeans or even cotton pants. It always works with jackets. Boot-cut jeans are poles apart from other styles of jeans. It has its own uniqueness, which is unachievable. Bootcut pants are really old, mind you, but the beauty of these jeans is ageless. In my view, they can barely go out of fashion.

Sasson Jeans

In my perspective, Sasson jeans look undeniably impressive. It has a rock band vibe associated with it. Sasson jeans are very easy to style. and the best part is that it gives a lot of mobility to the wearer. Having an uncommon style, not everyone is aware of it, but in the 70s, it killed the Mainstreet fashion. Bringing back vintage fashion can never do anybody wrong. Sasson jeans with dark grey color and dark grey shirt will look superb.

Carhartt Jeans

Carpenter or Carharrt jeans originated from Mexico. Durability and strength are a must with carpenter jeans. Carharrt jeans have a lot of pockets. the pockets are deep and can hold a lot of items. Painters and other laborers also use them. Carpenter jeans got increasingly popular in the 90s era. Presently, it is a prominent fashion statement. I believe the green jacket will look stunning with the blue carpenter jeans. Loose pants are a must with a cotton jacket. They both go hand in hand with each other.

High-rise Jeans

In my opinion, in the sea of fashion, another way to style up a jacket is certainly with high-rise jeans. Vintage or not, a high-rise was and will always be a classic fashion statement. High-rise jeans were first worn in the early 40s. They go long back when men used to wear simple shirts with jeans. Rock Bands of that era commonly wear high-rise jeans with jackets. I can even imagine the chicness of high-rise jeans with a cotton jacket. The green color can easily be matched with black high-rise jeans to create a picture-perfect look. 

Loose Fit Jeans

To my way of thinking, tight and skinny jeans might not suit everyone. It is not an ideal choice for all. It may work on someone, and some might look totally disastrous in it. Want to avoid a fashion disappointment. Then listen to me, whether you are skinny or not, loose-fit jeans are the best choice. It will not make anyone look fat or even skinny. Mixing the green cotton jacket with loose-fit jeans will be a memorable style, trust me.  

Wide Fit Jeans

Wide-fit jeans are an ideal choice for those who are super skinny. Moreover, for them, it can do wonders. When imagining the Kevin Costner jacket with buttoned closure and button sleeves, wide-fit jeans in light blue color would look fabulous. Plus, sizes are more attractive for wide-fit jeans, which is quite understandable. The straight flow of wide-fit jeans makes it easier for them to handle. The cotton jacket trend keeps coming back all the time, which makes it even more intriguing. 

Tapered Fit Jeans

Now coming to tapered-fit jeans. They are similar to straight jeans, but one significant change is that the tapered fit jeans are gradually narrow from the legs or taper down, unlike straight fit jeans, which are straight. A great way to style it with the green jacket is to wear a white tee shirt and black tapered jeans under it. Layering is essential at all costs.

Skinny jeans

The best possible way to style a green jacket is with skinny jeans. Skinny jeans work well with people who are a bit chubby. For instance, slim people should avoid wearing skinny jeans because they will make you look paper-thin, which is unpleasant. Therefore, I can foresee the greatness of a green jacket with black skinny jeans. Black and green work like magic.

Straight Fit Jeans

The 90s were a very stylish era. Straight-fit jeans are easygoing. Firstly, they do not require any fuss. Anybody can wear them formally or even informally. Wishing to look like Kevin Costner in Yellowstone? Then I think straight-fit jeans just might be the answer for you. On a spring evening, dark blue straight-fit jeans would look stunning with a cotton jacket. Straight-fit pants are also great for long working days. 

An Exquisite Ending


In the long run, I can conveniently say that jacket style is perpetual. No matter what happens on this earth, the amalgamation of jeans and jackets will always prevail. And I hope I made it fairly clear that jackets are an inseparable piece of clothing. We all want to obtain one. So stop thinking and gain possession of this incredible green jacket.

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