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1000 lb Sisters’ Amy and Tammy Slaton are two Southern sisters

Where have all the big sisters gone?

The Learning Channel used to be known as TLC. It’s currently known for broadcasting “human-interest” stories. Some of them are about such enormous families that they might fit in a shoe. Others are hoarders or persons who have strange habits. 1000 lb Sisters is a famous show that follows two severely obese sisters and their weight loss struggles.

Amy and Tammy Slaton are two Southern sisters who, when the pilot aired, weighed over half a ton. HenTammy Slaton’s tribulations.

Tammy isn’t doing so well right now. She’s made headlines recently for allegedly lying about her missing teeth and allegedly attacking a nurse.

Tammy Slaton is known for her fiery side and salty demeanour. Many followers, though, perceive her sass as hatred and jealousy. Consider the season one finale. Tammy appears to lash out at her sister on the way home after being denied weight loss surgery while Amy is scheduled to go. However, Tammy is anxious for her sister’s safety when she undergoes a potentially dangerous treatment towards the end of the episode.

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Tammy Slaton

Tammy Slaton’s real-life behaviour is now making news. Soapdirt reported on the same day that the 1000lb Sisters star had struck a nurse and lied.

Ce the TLC show’s name. 1000lb Sisters chronicles their weight battles. The Slaton sisters attempted to lose weight in the first two seasons in order to qualify for bariatric surgery. Only Amy qualified, which resulted in an explosive battle in the season one finale.

Amy has since lost weight and, despite her doctor’s recommendation, became pregnant with her son during Season 2. In the season 2 conclusion of 1000lb Sisters, she gave birth to her son Gage through C-section. Her sister Tammy, according to reports, is battling to maintain her weight loss. Continue reading to find out what the Slaton Sisters are up to now, as well as what 1000lb.

If you’ve seen the show, you’re aware that Tammy Slaton is self-conscious about her appearance, particularly her missing front teeth. Slaton claimed in a previous interview that she lost her front teeth when she was younger and that she went to an oral hygenist to get them fixed, but that it wasn’t her primary priority. However, two fresh photos of a teenage Tammy Slaton with her teeth intact have surfaced.

Tammy’s teeth are now missing, although she revealed on 1000lb Sisters that she only brushes her teeth twice a week during what was supposedly her first appointment to the dentist in a long time. “I love Tammy from #1000poundsisters, but sheesh, what?” wrote someone on an Instagram fan page.

striking a nurse

Tammy Slaton is currently residing in an assisted living facility, where she is suspected of assaulting a nurse who works there. According to associates at the institution, Soapdish has a relationship with a security guard there. Soapdish didn’t go into detail about the allegations; instead of pointing to episodes from 1000 lb Sisters season 2 that led up to her placement in the facility.

Tammy received backlash from fans after dubbing Amy’s son Gage a “piglet” after happily taking his bottle during season 2 of 1000lb Sisters. Tammy had consumed thirty pre-planned meals in two days, which was the final straw for Amy. Due to her weight, doctors advised the Slaton family that Tammy had only five years to live. Tammy admits she needs help in the season 2 finale and accepts to enter a care facility.

Tammy contracted COVID-19 last year, it was also revealed.

Season 3 and Amy Slaton

Amy Slaton told People that she doesn’t “receive as many negative comments as I did approximately a year ago” after her pregnancy. Amy Slaton loses almost 100 pounds and gives birth to her baby, Gage, thanks to 1000 lb Sisters.

Fans will be intrigued by Amy’s adjustment to life as a new mother and Tammy’s new existence in the elderly care facility in 1000lb Sisters season 3. TLC, on the other hand, has made no plans to renew the show for fresh seasons. Tammy, who is active on social media. Told her fans that she might not be allowed to comment about season 3 because of her contract.

Meanwhile, supporters have started a petition to extend 1000lb Sisters for another two seasons. “Amy and Tammy Slaton’s 1000-Lb Sisters has an incredibly large fan base, and we want to ensure that seasons 3 and 4 are renewed as soon as possible.” We’d also like to see the show’s budget increased. This is many people’s favourite television show, and we are anxious about its renewal.


Tammy had a lot of close calls before her second rehab term, where she committed to changing her life.

In April 2015, the star came close to passing away twice a week.

When Tammy awoke one day and couldn’t breathe. She was brought to the hospital in an ambulance.

Doctors diagnosed the actress with pneumonia after nurses had problems finding her veins for blood testing and x-rays.

Tammy suffered from the sickness in the weeks following her ICU stint, with her oxygen level dropping to 17 per cent.

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