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10 of the Most Viewed YouTube Videos of all Time

10 of the Most Viewed YouTube Videos of all Time

This article examines the top 10 most-watched comprar seguidores twitter YouTube videos ever. Fourteen of them include music videos. If we expand our coverage to have all of the 100 most popular YouTube videos, you will discover that 95 of them are musical videos. None of the five remaining videos are from YouTube stars like PewDiePie.


Pinkfong Kids’ Songs & Stories Baby Shark Dance 10,538,530,871

Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee Despacito 7,823,452,327

Ed Sheeran Shape of You 5,691,936,806

Wiz Khalifa feat. Charlie Path Take It Again to You Again 5,483,703,067

Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars Uptown Funk 4,393,131,886

Get Movies Masha and the Bear: Recipe for Disaster 4,494,574,084

Psy Gangnam Style 4,399,198,835

Maroon 5 Sugar 3,683,178,927

Katy Perry Roar 3,565,561,852

OneRepublic Counting Stars 3,557,096,673

#1. Roar #1. Roar Katy Perry (3,565,561,852 views)

Have you seen that Katy Perry film for Roar, which features Katy in her forest filled with wild animals?

The singer  Roar as the lead track of her 2013 album “Prism” Her lyrics are  on fighting for your rights and self-confidence. It was a massive success. It was the Diamond by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), making it the first musician to win 3 Diamond Awards.

The video is a (fictional) tale of Katy Perry adapting to life in the jungle following the trauma of a plane crash. Katy Perry even manages to tame the tiger. The footage was shot at the Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Garden.

When Roar hit 1 billion views of its videos on YouTube in July 2015, Katy Perry became the first artist to have two music videos that exceeded the milestone.

#2. Sorry – Justin Bieber (3,536,167,934 views)

It is not a surprise to anyone that Justin Bieber has a video on YouTube’s Top 10. He is among the most well-known icons of this YouTube generation. It’s perhaps a bit amazing that he doesn’t have more videos from this top group, even though there are videos of his songs in positions 23 and 24.

Sorry is from the fourth album of Justin Bieber’s “Purpose.” The album was on October 23, 2015. The track topped the charts in 13 countries and included seven weeks at first place in Bieber’s hometown of Canada. In the world, fans purchased over 10 million copies of this track in 2016.

Then, for the first time, they produced the dance video for this song from New Zealand, featuring New Zealand dancers, members of the Request Dance Crew, and New Zealand choreographer Parris Goebel. While it was initially meant to be a lyric video, it was eventually used being the main video. It was the fifth-fastest YouTube video to achieve 1 billion views and the fourth most popular to surpass two billion viewers.

#3. Sugar 3. Maroon 5 (3,683,178,927 views)

The Sugar track was  by Maroon 5 in their fifth album, “V.” It was  as a single on January 13, 2015.

It peaked at the 2nd spot at the top of the US Billboard 100.

The band collaborated with the film director, David Doblin, on the music video. David Doblin had directed the film “Wedding Crashers” and was the source of inspiration for this video.

In the clip, Maroon Five crashes weddings in Los Angeles. It’s not an elaborate stage. Maroon 5 crashed the marriages in this video. In actuality, every groom was  and was willing to allow an unnamed but well-known group to perform at their wedding. However, everyone else involved with the weddings was  prior notice. It was surely shocking for the brides when they saw Adam Levine serenading them at their weddings.

The team behind the production worked together with planners of weddings from Los Angeles to find suitable wedding venues for the film.

The group found it to be an amazing experience. They were  that they might draw the focus away from other people’s important weddings. Some of the grooms had cold feet and needed to be  to let the ceremony occur.

Everyone was, however. I was unaware that I would be amid the overwhelming reactions we received from guests and couples.”

#4. Gangnam Style – Psy (4,399,198,835 views)

It is right to claim Gangnam Style was a huge success. Gangnam Style was an unexpected mega-hit that broke records on YouTube and that many thought would never be .

The video features Psy laughing at the Gangnam-gut style in Seoul.

The official YouTube page uploaded the clip on July 15, 2012. On November 24, Gangnam Style overtook Justin Bieber’s record of 803.700,000 views to claim the top position on YouTube. The video remained at the TopTop for a record-breaking 1,689 days.

Gangnam Style didn’t take long to earn the distinction that it was the first YouTube video to achieve one billion viewers on YouTube and was awarded that distinction at the end of December 2012. It surpassed two billion in June and then 3 billion views in January 2018.

The video has several additional YouTube records. It was the highest-rated video from February 2017 and the most popular video up to August 2016. Before Adele’s Hello surpassed the record on January 18, 2016, it was the record-holder for the most popular video with one billion viewers. The paper is still held as the most talked-about video.

#5. Uptown Funk #5. Uptown Funk Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars (4,539,131,886 views)

Uptown Funk was recorded by British record producer Mark Ronson and American musician and singer Bruno Mars. The song became a hit single in November 2014.

It stayed for 14 weeks as the number one on the US Billboard 100, and it also reached the TopTop of the charts of other countries.

Uptown Funk was the second top-selling single in 2015. It received 2 Grammy Awards, including the Record of the Year.

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The music video debuted just a week following the release of the single was released on November 17, 2014. The footage shows Bruno Mars, Mark Ronson, and the Hooligans in cities, outfitted in brightly colored suits and chains. The film was shot in various cities in which Bruno Mars was touring.

The video was nearly identical to the track, garnering over 2.8 billion views.

#6. Masha with the Bear Recipe for Disaster #6. Masha and the Bear: Recipe for Disaster Get Movies (4,494,574,084 views)

This is easily the most bizarre video featured on this list. It’s not a music video. It’s unofficial (although official versions of the episode exist online on YouTube). And it is in Russian.

The video in question is technically referred to as Masha I Moved’ (Masha and The Bear) – Masha plus kasha because it’s a Russian version.

Masha and the Bear is a Russian animated television series loosely basing itself on an oral folk tale. It is a Russian children’s television show with four seasons (to the present) comprised of the 68th episode. A few episodes from the version that is in English are on Netflix.

The entire series has been  to YouTube in the past, and three have surpassed 1 billion views. There’s an official channel on YouTube called MashaMedvedTV.

It is believed to be one of the causes of the show’s success is the fact that Masha was dressed in a costume of folklore with a headscarf. She has her legs covered. This makes the performance more acceptable to Muslim audience members and in the most populous countries like Indonesia.

The episode in question, “Recipe for Disaster,” was originally episode 17. It’s episode 7.1 on Netflix (a combination of several of the shorter Masha and the Bear episodes together).

#7. See You Again #7. See You Again, Wiz Khalifa. Charlie Puth (5,483,703,067 views)

See You Again held YouTube’s No. 1 spot from July 10 until July 4, 2017, and was the one that broke “Gangnam Style’s” grip on the top site. It was, however, only for a short period, until the time that Despacito took over and beat See You Again.

The primary reason behind the popularity of “See You Again” was that it was chosen to be the theme of the film “Furious 7”. The song was written to be an ode to the fan-favorite Paul Walker. Paul Walker.

It’s Wiz Khalifa’s and Charlie Path’s most popular song. The track spent twelve weeks on the Top of the US Billboard 100 and reached Number One in some other countries.

It also set records for most streams of a track on just one morning through Spotify across the US and set records for the most streams within a week within the UK.

In the end, See You Again was the top-selling song worldwide in 2015.

#8. The Shape of You #8. The shape of You Ed Sheeran (5,691,936,806 views)

Ed Sheeran had a hugely successful 2017. Whatever you did, Ed Sheeran’s song was sure to play. He even had as a guest during an episode of “Game of Thrones.”

The album was released by Shape of You as a digital download on January 6, 2017. It was also released as a part of the third album of his studio work.

Ed Sheeran released a lyric video for the track on his YouTube channel. The version has been viewed more than 750 million times to the present. On January 30, 2017, this official version was posted on YouTube. The video was one of the most popular videos to hit one billion viewers on YouTube. On May 8, 2017, it reached this landmark only 97 days after its debut.

#9. Despacito #9. Despacito Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee (7,823,452,327 views)

Despacito’s rise to the Topo of the list in 2017 illustrates two crucial aspects of YouTube. It is the first to show that the appeal of YouTube keeps expanding. At one point, there was no doubt that YouTube would surpass Gangnam Style.

It also shows the extent to which YouTube has become an international phenomenon. Despacito can be  as Spanish, meaning “Slowly,” sung in Spanish by Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi and includes Puerto Rican rapper Daddy Yankee. The music video showcases both performers performing the song in the La Perla neighborhood of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, and at the bar in La Factoria.

The track topped the charts in 47 countries and made it into the Top 10 in ten others. This was the first track to be atop the Billboard 100 in Spanish in twenty years.

It’s interesting to note that Justin Bieber released a remix version of the song a few months later and sang some phrases in English. Although this may have contributed to the song’s popularity, this couldn’t surpass it or make it into the YouTube chart the most popular.

Despacito became the first film on YouTube to surpass the milestones of having three billion and 4 billion viewers. It caught See You Again to take the number one spot on YouTube’s all-time chart in August 2017.

#10. Baby Shark Dance – Pinkfong Kids Songs and stories (10,538,530,871 views)

It’s another unusual inclusion in these top 10 Top YouTube channels. Baby Shark is a children’s song about a shark family.

It is to have come from an old campfire song or the chant.

Many different versions have been  that include music, often reminiscent of the film “Jaws.”

The most-watched Baby Shark video is Baby Shark Dance. It has received more than 3.3 billion views around the world. The track topped the Billboard Hot 100 at #32 in the week of January 7, 2019.


The featured version has led to an online dance craze often called Baby Shark Challenge.

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