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10 Current social media trends in India making a fad!

The last two years had taken us on a wild ride. Thankfully, we all had our social networking profiles with us! With the help of the internet and social media, the world has passed through tough times. 

The internet and social networking sites have become a vital part of our lives. And mostly, this generation spends their good time browsing social media and trends. Needless to say, current social media trends in India create a buzz over the internet. They help in social media marketing and SEO for new businesses. 

Social media trends in 2022

Here, we will look into the current trends on social media. And how they managed to help companies earn revenue in the long-term. 

Ambush marketing revolution

Advertisements have evolved into a new concept, a new exhibition. There’s no doubt that the ads only can directly help grow a business with long-term outcomes. Yet, it has transformed into a new form, ambushing. These marketing techniques have taken the user by surprise. 

Adaptation of AR & VR technology

Augmented reality and Virtual reality are two vital facets of social media nowadays. Both are very effective and offer an exciting user experience. Even renowned social media agency services Kolkata include AR & VR in their services. 

Surprisingly, many e-commerce businesses have taken this on a serious note. They offer an exquisite shopping experience powered by AR & VR. It lets users try-on products before shopping. So, customers can make a mature decision about whether they need to invest in this product. 

Especially, platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and even Facebook try both trends. They attract viewers using brand logos, profile pictures, or mascots. 

Video is the new king!

A couple of seconds is all your business needs to grab the attention of social networking sites. Let’s not forget the high engaging form of content, the videos. 

Video contributes to generating massive profits for even the biggest Indian companies. It’s the fastest way to reach the largest viewers in a shorter time span. Name us something alternative so fast and effective! Remember, the shorter – the better it is. It’s the rationale why videos on TikTok and Instagram reels took the world by hail.

Social media shopping is blooming

There’s no place to deny how the pandemic has driven social media use in people. It caused 10x more shopping rates online and on social media platforms. In the last two years, the concept of business has evolved into something interesting. People have brought both social media and e-commerce under one umbrella. And why not? Through this new strategy, businesses on Facebook and Instagram are already blooming. 

Growing demand for chatbots 

Internet technology is already roaring. And with the latest technology, the demand is elevating. Chatbot technology is one of the useful current social media trends in India these days. It’s responsible for massive profits gained by companies online. So, companies now indulge chatbot communication systems in their customer service department. It enhances customer experience and reduces the waste of time, money, and energy. 

Chatbots in 2022 is a growing and demanding facet that brings solutions to the table fast. Moreover, artificial intelligence-powered chatbots can understand your queries and concerns with precision. And you won’t believe how it can offer the best solution within the blink of an eye without much effort. 

Influencers are leading 

Remember Virushka in Manyavar ads? After the advertisement went live, people went gaga! Besides, don’t you read reviews and ratings on Amazon before buying it? We all do this – isn’t it? 

All these elements influence society in such a massive way. Thus, we obey influencers or celebrities before shopping for a product. Brands have absorbed this fact with precision. So, famous or even new brands collab with celebrities or social media influencers. And they make them their brand ambassadors. Their confidence and good word of mouth influence people’s minds with positivity. And it has become a trend nowadays! 

These are 6 trends every successful business is acclimating nowadays. Besides, social media agency services Kolkata are also accepting these new trends. And they are incorporating them into their offerings. Since you want to compete in the game for a long time, adapting these trends would be beneficial. 

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